Front-End Web Developer

Kieran Barker

I'm Kieran Barker, a front-end web developer who lives on the front of the frontend, as Brad Frost put it:

“Frontend development” is now so loaded that I quipped that as a frontend designer I live on the “front of the frontend”, while there are plenty of other developers living on the “back of the frontend”. I’d like to lean into that distinction because this great divide is played out in a very real way in JavaScript frameworks like React.

What this means is that I work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I care about doing this well, and I care about important issues like accessibility and user experience. I do not care about the JavaScript framework rat race.

As web developers, all of the work we do boils down to well-written, semantic, accessible HTML. It is the lowest common denominator: the absolutely essential and ubiquitous part of the Web. It's important that we do it well, and we do it right. That's where I come in.

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